Shingra Entertainment

Dedicated to creating the most epic entertainment experiences…ever.

Limitless development
You as a developer can experience the most limitless development ever on the Shingra Entertainment.

A job for everyone
The Shingra Entertainment projects, is in its earliest stages of development. Meaning we are welcoming level designers and game designers with all you have to offer with arguably the only excuse for rejecting your designs is that they would not be in the players’ best interests. And the odd structure of the ancient Net Immerse File format makes it difficult to transfer the raw visuals to unreal, which puts our graphics designers to much work.

As a Developer you will
-Learn the mechanics of Blueprints in Unreal Engine if you do not know c++
-Refine client-server relations
-Reproduce design mechanics described by level designers in Unreal
-Develop Security
-Have proper recognition for your work

As a Graphics Designer you will
-Transfer Assets from .nif files to Unreal.
-Re-create compelling animations in Unreal’s animator, Persona
-Develop new effect animations
-Create new assets for the unreal project
-Create storyboards for other animators to work by

As a Game Designer you will
-Influence the design of classes and even the quantity thereof
-An overall general influence of everything in game, including enemies, enhancement, or even the standard run speed
-Influence the controls, and central game mechanics
-Write the story of the Shingra Projects.

As a Level Designer you will
-Influence the design of compelling instances and challenges
-Compose and communicate environments to developers and graphics designers
-Explain the progression throughout a level, a raid boss’s mechanics and what makes it entertaining.
-Develop tutorials for the game.

All staff members will receive a generous percentage of the revenue. Note, Game designers and level designers must compose word documents describing their proposals to the game.

If you have any questions on what positions you can fill or would like to participate in the project. Leave a comment

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